Monday, September 21, 2009

You're Such a Hoot!

When I purchased this Michael Miller fabric, I honestly had no idea what I was going to do with it. I just knew I had to have it! After making the first skirt for Mckenna (see post below for that), I wanted to try a fuller skirt and knew the bold colors of this fabric would be perfect!

As the skirt was coming together, I felt it needed a little extra something. One of the fabrics in this collection has owls all over it (which you can see in the closeup shot of the owl applique), and so it became obvious that I should applique a large owl to the front of the skirt. The owl template is from Sew Simple magazine, volume 11. It is supposed to be enlarged to make a softie but it was the perfect size for Mckenna's skirt. The little triangle on the top of the owl's head is not from this collection.

The skirt was fairly easy to make. The applique was more involved, but I am pleased with how it turned out. I'm getting better at using my machine's applique stitch!


  1. Hi Angie, I followed a link from my blog friend Mels skirt sew along I hope you don't mind, I love the appliqué!

  2. Hi, Tammy! I don't mind at all that you followed the link. I'm happy to share! Thanks for the compliment! I'm excited for the sew along next week!